Halloween food

I was at a friend’s baby shower a few weeks ago, and one of the games was “waterbreak”, where a small plastic baby is frozen in an ice cube, and the person whose “waterbreaks” first to release the baby wins. These plastic babies were going to be discarded, so I collected them for a baking project, inspiring a whole slew of Halloween themed food this year.

I’ll end with the Zombie baby cupcakes, but here are the other things I made as well.

Poopoo Pie

I used pureed chana masala for the, uh, filling.


Roll into phyllo pastry, loop through a pan to look like intestines, bake until crisp! I did about 25 min at 350ish. I served it with a “blood” sauce made from dyed cranberry chutney, but forgot to take a photo of it.


Brain Dip

I whipped a package of softened cream cheese with about 2/3 a pack of onion soup mix, plus some milk. Piped it into the shape of a brain, creating marinara blood pockets as I went.


I served the brain dip with bread sticks.

Witches fingers

These were probably my least favourite of the evening. Just used Pilsbury pizza dough, rolled into fingers, with almond nail, parmasan cheese nail fugus, and caper warts. Almonds and capers fell off mostly, and the layers that I tried to roll together split as well. But they tasted great, so oh well.


Shrunken head sangria

I didn’t make this, but it was awesome, and it just got better throughout the night.

IMG_20151031_190011 IMG_20151031_211713

Zombie Babies

The first step for the zombie babies was making gravestones. I made my go-to sugar cookie, dyed slightly with black food colouring to make them look marble.


I would’ve written more on them, but I didn’t have a #2 fine tip to do intricate piping. RIP was all that would work. I also added some grass so they would look cute on their own (I wasn’t about to make over 2 dozen zombie baby cupcakes, so most of these were just going to get eaten). I also make larger cookies to use up the cookie dough (although some dough still got put in the freezer). I decorated them to look like jars of eyballs.


Next, I made an orange flavoured cake that I marbled with black and orange. I could’ve just made a chocolate cake as it would’ve been a good colour for the ground, but I like orange cake better. Instead of a brown cake, I flavoured the first layer of icing chocolate. I needed a base of frosting to stick the babies into anyway, then I covered them with cookie ‘dirt’ to make it look like they rose from the ground.

Note: I used a swiss meringue buttercream. By far my favourite frosting yet. It was so smooth and creamy and not very sweet, which I prefer.


The next step was adding the grass and the tombstones. I made the mistake of letting the frosting chill before adding the cookies, and it was difficult to get the cookies into the stiff frosting. Room temp is better to work with, and the frosting holds it shape well so I didn’t really need to chill it anyway. I hadn’t used my grass tip before, and it took a bit to get used to piping with. Finished it off with a candy pumpkin.

IMG_20151031_173946 IMG_20151031_174223

The black really took over, so I think I’ll use less of the darker colour next time I do a marble (I can’t remember the last time I did a marble!) Also, the cake was too airy and I won’t use that recipe again.


Happy Halloween!


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