Winter bonfire cake

This cake was inspired by the December birthday of a person who loves bonfires, caramel, and dark chocolate.


I made two batches of the graham cracker cake found here.

I baked each batch in two 8 inch cake pans, leaving me with 4 ~1.5 inch tall cakes. I didn’t trim them.



I wanted to use marshmallow fluff, and didn’t want to toast it, so I created a caramel marshmallow fluff. It deserved its own post:

I piped rings of fluff between each cake layer



I used a 1:1 ratio of dark chocolate to cream (200 grams of each), cooled and piped over the layer of fluff.



I made a half batch of Yolanda Gampp’s IM Buttercream:

Did a crumb coat, and then spread the rest of the frosting over the cake. I was not particular about how smooth it was.



I had tiny cake topper-cookies already as part of my Christmas cookie stash, which I flooded with royal icing and drew on with edible markers. I made chocolate curls for the logs on the bonfire (e.g., and used rosemary dusted with icing sugar, with chocolate on the bottom, as trees. I also piped a few dark chocolate trees (e.g.:


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